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#1.  Colt Model 1878 DA Frontier Six Shooter.   5 1/2" blue 44-40 with hard rubber grips.  Very good mechanical condition.  Functions perfectly.  40-45% original blue remaining on the right side of the frame, almost 70% on the left.  Barrel has around 20% original blue. Mostly sharp bore with some smoothing towards muzzle.  Some light frosting on cylinder and top strap and right side of frame forward of top of grip panel. Photos available. $1650. 



#2 GESETZL GESCHUTZI FREE PISTOL. Beautiful single shot target pistol with English proof marks. Very high condition with 98% vivid case colors. Hand detachable double set trigger group. 10 7/8ths inch octagon barrel chambered for the 6.5x27mmR. {made from 25-20} Schnabel type checkered forearm. Oval checkered grip panels. Breech block{falling} is actuated by locking lever protruding from bottom of grip. Hammer cocks on closing. $4200.


#3 COLT MODEL 1873 SAA. Engraved nickel plated 38 special. 5 1/2 inch. First Generation frame with second generation barrel and cylinder. Elephant ivory grips with Chinese Dragon embossing. Beautiful antique shooter. $3250.

#4 Premier Grade MASON Decoy. Original paint. Drake Mallard. Has horizontal crack on left side. Original glass eyes. $1295.

#5 Winchester Model 1885, Hi-wall. 38-55 caliber. Standard rifle with 30 inch full octagon barrel #3 weight. Crescent butt plate, straight stock. Nice tang site has been added. Fair to good bore reportedly shoots straight. Two small hair line cracks moving rearward from top tang. $1850.

#6 Gallager Civil War Carbine.  50 caliber percussion.  Early production, 3000 serial number range. Good solid original carbine with a terrific bore.  Patch box and butt stock intact.  Has replacement rear sight.  Saddle ring and slide bar removed. Consistent dark color throughout with slight pitting around breech. Mechanically solid and functioning perfectly. $1495.

#7 C.G.Bonehill. Factory cased 12 ga. hammer double shotgun. Nitro proofed. 30 1/8th inch damascus barrels. 14 1/4 inch length of pull. Very solid original shotgun with some great color. Varnish and checkering all original and attractive. Oak and leather case is a little tired, but complete. Action has new machinist made firing pins. Bonehill being most famous in North America for being the maker of the "Winchester" imported double shotguns of the era. $3150.

#8 Remington. 1875 Single Action Revolver. the OUTLAW model. 7 1/2 inch 44 Remington caliber. Factory nickel plating in very good to excellent condition. Original walnut grips. Good bore and mechanically perfect. Great shooter. $3450.

#9 Parkers'Snow & Co. U.S. model 1861 58 cal musket, Miller cartridge conversion.  32" 58 caliber musket converted to breech loading 58 caliber rim fire. Top of breech block marked “W.H. &G.W. Miller, Patent May 23, 1865".  Serial number 1916.  Only 2000 muskets were converted by this company {Miller brothers} so this must be one of the last.  Very good overall condition.  All metal parts are smooth and gray to white in color.  No pitting or rust prevalent anywhere save for one spot, about the size of a dime, on the lock plate just before the date. {1864}. Very good bore with sharp, broad land, rifling. Tulip style ram rod appears to be original.  Lock plate even has some traces of case colors around, and probably under, the hammer.  Wood is very solid and dark, some small dings and dents, and even a shallow chipping, just behind the rear barrel band.  Probably from being handled on a horse, as these dings and dents are at the center of balance.  Photos available.  $1750.

#10 MARLIN model 1894. Standard octagon rifle. 24" full magazine. Crescent buttplate. Very good to excellent original rifle in 25-20 caliber. Strong case colors on both sides of receiver. Good consistent blue remaining on barrel and magazine tube and butt plate. Mechanically perfect. Great bore, original sights. $1250.

#11 REMINGTON # 3 Hepburn. Special order Rifle. Heavy Barrel 40 cal. with set triggers and tang site. MINT bore. $5000.

#15  Marlin Model 1897  22 caliber Lever Action Rifle. Octagon barrel. Very good original condition, fine bore, very good wood.  $895

#16  Maynard  Improved Mid Range Target and Hunting Rifle #10   Model 1882, 40-60 caliber.  32 inch {rare}  part octagon part round barrel.  Factory elevating tang sight, standard barrel sights. Very good to excellent overall condition.  All original with strong traces of original case colors remaining on the frame {both sides}  Smooth straight stock showing some very good figure in the wood.  Standard rifle type butt plate. Barrel turning a nice light plumb color with good sharp edges at the octagon section.  All metal parts showing good smooth consistent wear, no pits or rust.  Bore is 95%+, very good, sharp six-groove rifling.  Photos available,   $2900

#17 L.C. Smith 10 gauge hammer gun.  Exceptional example of a big shotgun from the late  1800s.  Syracuse, NY mfg.  30 inch Damascus barrels with a terrific finger print or "star" pattern. Extra wide splinter type forearm with fine point pattern checkering and ebony inlay on the snabel lip.  Pronounced scallops on the receiver with. 85% case hardening remaining with 40-65% strong case colors.  Small burst of floral pattern engraving on each lock plate, and trigger guard.  12,000 serial number range.  Round knob pistol grip. 14 3/8" LOP, and 2 1/4" drop at comb. Original hard rubber butt plate with pointing setter embossed in center.  All original and in great condition.  All wood is solid and original.  No rust or pitting. Also has "Wells Fargo and Co 52” engraved on rib.    $2500.

#19   Sharps Civil War Carbine.  Original percussion New Model 1863.  Good to very good original, untouched carbine.  Wood is solid and dark, with no cracks or major dents.  All metal parts are smooth dark color with only a little pitting around the nipple.  Good markings throughout.  22"  six groove barrel.  Bore is very good.  Mechanically perfect.  Serial number range is 100,000. $3300. 

#20  DOUBLE RIFLE/SHOTGUN TWO BARREL SET.   J.R. Ronge   Liege,  Belgium, maker.  Back action hammer double.  Under lever opening telescopes barrels about 1/2 inch forward before tipping down .Straight stock, wedge forearm. Beautiful bright "chain" pattern damascus pattern barrels.  577 Snider caliber. {or 24 ga. slug}26 3/4 inch rifle barrels show 100% of their original  "chain" damascus pattern. Eight groove rifling at VERY slow twist { one turn in 40 inches}  Right side in very good to excellent condition with sharp prominent lands throughout, left side showing a little darkening toward breech end, but still sharp.  Shotgun barrels are 30 1/4 inches in length {metric, like the rifle barrels} in 14 gauge.  They show the same bright, distinct pattern as the rifle barrels do. Complete with maker's name and address on top rib and serial number on bottom rib. Both smooth bore barrels are showing a light pitting throughout. Full coverage floral pattern engraving very prominent {almost embossing} showing hounds on each lock plate, and, stag on under lever. Original sling swivels on rifle barrels and butt stock, eyelet only on shotgun barrels. French walnut stocks with handsome black streaks. Good full coverage point pattern checkering on forearm with small horn inlay at tip. Long wrap around point  pattern on butt stock at wrist. . Plain steel butt plate. 13 3/4 inch length of pull. 1 15/16ths inch drop at comb. Excellent to fine condition overall, mechanically perfect. A striking appearance to this old double. It's almost always the first one picked up by people when they see it next to other old guns on display.   Photos available,  $5000

#21   Wesson Percussion Rifle.  Quality replica made in Italy.  Imported by Richland Arms, Blissfield MI.   Richland Arms closed in 1986.  This is a beautifully made replica of a Frank Wesson Sporting Rifle.  50 calibers.  28 1/2" heavy octagon barrel.  1 1/16th " barrel diameter at the muzzle.  Muzzle is drilled for a false muzzle. {missing}  Double set trigger group.  Small frame is case colored.  Barrel is blued.  Top barrel flat is engraved "50 cal.  WESSON Rifle" in HUGE letters.  Chasing style engraving on muzzle, and frame, and trigger guard, patch box, butt plate, forearm cap, and hammer.  Very fine line point pattern checkering {probably 26 or 28 lines per inch} on a perch belly straight stock and fore arm.  Case colored butt plate.  Photos available  $750

#22  George Gibbs  12 ga. sxs hammer double shotgun.   Underlever straight stock NITRO proofed.  30 inch browned barrels with a very tight "fingerprint" damascus pattern. Bores in very good to excellent condition showing a few streaks, but no swales or pitting.  One very shallow depression on right barrel about eight inches back from muzzle. 14 1/4 inch LOP.  Fine point pattern checkering on both butt stock and forearm. Side locks and frame showing strong traces of original case colors.  3/8ths inch "left side" cast off at heel. Even the hammers are cast off.  Wonderful scroll pattern engraving on most metal parts, including, but, not limited to, hammers, top tang, bottom tang, screws, forearm latch, under lever, side locks and frame.  Works perfectly with all original parts.  Photos available.  $2750

#25   Colt  1851 Navy Conversion.  Factory original conversion of the Navy revolver.  Very good to excellent original condition. 60,000 serial number range. All markings are sharp and clear. 65% original varnish on one piece walnut grip. 5 inch octagon barrel. 38 long colt caliber. Works perfectly.  {This has been one of my favorite shooters} Photos available  $3695

#26   Sharps 4 barrel derringer. Sharps & Co, Philadelphia.   Brass frame .30 caliber, checkered hard rubber grips.  300 serial number range.  Complete, functioning properly.  Brass has a very nice patina overall, barrels are gray.  $875

#27 CASED PAIR PISTOLS. European made "Guild" pistols. 54 caliber percussion. Eight inches overall. Notched muzzles. Flip down triggers. 2 7/8ths inch tight swirl pattern damascus barrels that are hand detachable from frames. Identically matched. Beautiful scroll pattern floral engraving on frames and triggers. Small treatment on iron, faceted butt plates. One piece French walnut stocks both checkered and carved. Excellent to fine condition overall with no pits or flaws. $2100

#28 Starr Arms Co.  Single action Army Model.  53,000 serial number range.  Very good to excellent original condition.  8" barrel turning a very dark plumb color from blue.  Frame retains about 45% original color turning dark plumb.  80% original varnish on stock.  Photos available.  $2500

#30 Remington # 1 1/2 Sporting Rifle.  Rifle serial number 106. 26" full octagon barrel, 22 cal. Very early production example, all original with traces of original case colors and varnish.  65-80% original bluing on barrel turning dark. Good bluing remaining on breech block and hammer. Beecham's front sight. $1650.

#32Sharps four barrel derringer. Brass frame, 22 caliber.  Very good condition, functioning. $795.

#33 BURGESS GUN COMPANY. Buffalo, New York. 12 ga 30 inch pump action repeating shotgun. Curious design from the 1890's. The hard-rubber steel pistol grip is the actuator for the slide mechanism. These were a high quality successful shot gun that was purchased by Winchester and "pigeon-holed". This particular one is serial number 254x. It has initials engraved on the left side of receiver. Great mechanical condition and all original. Good sharp damascus pattern remaining on barrel. Solid wood, nice. Note, has "duck plug" in it. $2250.

#35 WINCHESTER model 1885 HI-WALL. 40-82 cal. 28 inch #3 full octagon barrel. Standard rifle type forearm and butt plate. Good, solid original rifle with good bore.

#36 Marlin model 1881 lever action rifle.  32-40 caliber.  24 inch full octagon full magazine rifle.  Crescent style butt plate.  Very good to excellent overall original condition.  Strong traces of original blue turning brown on the frame.  Barrel and magazine tube have a nice consistent plumb brown color.  Wood is very good and tight and original.  Very good bore.  Original sights. $1995.

#37 L.C. SMITH Hammerless 12ga.30 inch damascus barrels, full and modified choke. Very good original condition with varnish and case colors intact. $895.

#38 L.C. SMITH 10ga. 32 inch hammer double shotgun. Great original condition. Strong traces of original case colors on receiver. Good to excellent bores. Oversized recoil fences and barrel breeches. Very heavy shotgun 10 1/2lbs. Works perfectly. $1295.

#39 WINCHESTER Model 1873 32-20. Full octagon rifle. 80% original blue remaining on entire rifle. Solid original wood. Original sights. Mechanically perfect. Small ring of corrosion in bore about half way. $3450.

#40 Sharps 50 caliber heavy barrel rifle.  14 pound {13.85} heavy half octagon, half round barrel measuring 1 3/16" inches  across the muzzle. Barrel measures 29 11/16".  Front sight groove is 3/4" back from muzzle.  Civil War percussion carbine converted to cartridge after the war. Slide bar saddle ring assembly having been removed.  Iron patch box remaining. Photos available, $5500. Terry Lawrence priming device has been removed.    Forearm is from a sporting rifle with the second screw hole being plugged. Pewter inlay on forearm cap. Wooden ramrod.  Smooth gray color overall with good markings and edges.  Barrel is marked "D.H. Hilliard   Cornish, N.H.”  Bore is close to perfect, very sharp rifling.  Chambered for the 50-70 cartridge.  Standard type Sharps rifle sight. 

#41 US model 1842 Percussion Pistol.  Made by H. Aston Middletown, Conn.  Marked U.S./H.ASTON&Co.  Lock plate marked 1852, All original 8 1/2 inch 54 caliber smoothbore barrels.  Very good to excellent condition. $2495. 

 T6   Sharps Carbine.   Cartridge conversion of a Civil War carbine.  Lawrence priming device.  22" barrel with original sights and terrific, bright bore. Good strong case colors on lock plate and bottom tang.  32000 serial number range.  Good solid wood and mechanically sound throughout.  Photos available.  $3395.

T10    Sharps Civil War Carbine.  22" New Model 1863.  Original percussion configuration.  Solid, dark brown patina overall.  Wood is in very good condition with cartouche under saddle ring slide bar.  All markings visible.  Some frosting in top of barrel near breech end, and muzzle.  Other scattered light pitting throughout.  Original sights.  2200 serial number range.  $2650 

T13 W.W. Geener Martini action .22 cal target rifle, {Society Rifle} 29 1/2" light round barrel.  Rear aperture sight mounted on rear of receiver.  Black hard rubber pistol grip attachment mounted to opening lever. Also has rectangular cartridge holder mounted to right side of receiver.  Interesting British shooter with a great bore.   $495

T21   Sharp's model 1853”slant breech" .44 cal. sporting rifle.  Double set trigger group.  26" full octagon barrel.  8700 serial number range.  Brass patch box and butt plate.  Very good bore with strong rifling.  Hartford, Conn. mfg.  Good, serviceable condition with solid original wood and good markings. "With letter".   $4795

T25 Winchester 1873 Rifle.  38-40 octagon Colt Burgess barrel and magazine tube.  Put together a long time ago.  Good solid wood, OK bore.  This rifle hung on the wall at the old "Ponderosa Ranch" in Incline Village, Nevada for 30 years. Light pitting on frame, dark color on barrel and mag tube.  $1495. Photos available.

T28.  Spencer Bannerman pump shotgun.  12ga.  Famous for being the first successful slide action shotgun made.  This one is original in fair condition.  Hard rubber forearm is unusual.  $395.

T32  Original Mason decoys.  Pair glass eye bluebill, drake and hen, Mason decoys.  Original paint.  Thinning and chipped in some areas. Added weights. $595  PHOTO

T34 Herter’s Magnum Mallard decoys. Pair, original, drake and hen.  Drake has some scratches on his back, but, other than that, both are in great original condition. Bottom of each has some initials stamped on them, and the date 2/65.  $295 pr. PHOTO

T37 Merwin and Hulbert 1st model {no loading gate} spur trigger medium frame .38.  90% original nickel, hard rubber grips.  Functions perfectly. 4" barrel. Photos available $725. 

T38 German "Jaeger" rifle. J. Uhlir   Braunhaus, stamped on top of barrel.  9.5x47R caliber.  Double set trigger group.  Martini type action, with hand detachable breech-block.  28 3/4" full octagon barrel with all its original  bluing.  Bright shiny bore.  Original barrel sights.  Receiver has socket for rear aperture, {unfortunately missing} European style {sling swivel in the front and large button at the rear.} Curious ram-rod type feral in front of front sling-swivel.  One piece stock.  80% vivid case colors on receiver and trigger guard- opening lever.  Wood has been dinged and dented and scratched throughout, but is solid and original with no cracks. PHOTO  $1195

 T43 Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Cadet. 45-70 cal.  Very good overall condition with a strong bore.  Inspector stamps on wrist {I understand this is rare on cadets} Wood has numerous scratches and dings on original stock finish.  $795 

T48 Remington 12ga. hammer double shotgun.  Fair condition, $395.

T52   Evans Sporting rifle. 30'" round barrel with rifle type Schnabel checkered forearm.  Complete and original.  Smooth dark color overall.  Wood is in very good condition.  Rare guns, only 1,000 made.  Good markings.  $1595 

T62 Springfield Model 1866 Trapdoor. Lock plate marked 1864.  All original in very good condition.  50-70 $1295 

T68 Spencer Gun Co.  12ga SxS hammer double.26" Damascus barrels. Very good condition. Bright case colors on the frame.  Distinct Damascus pattern on barrels. Wood is original and solid.  Semi-pistol grip. Photos available.  $750

T76.   Baker 12ga. Batavia Damascus model sidexside hammerless shotgun. Very good condition.  75% original bright case colors.  Terrific star pattern Damascus with spiral type border about 1/2" wide on entire length.  30" barrels in perfect condition, inside and out. Ejectors. Left lock plate marked "Batavia Damascus". 14 1/4" LOP.  Mechanically perfect.  All the checkering is sharp and clean.  Wood is solid and original in all respects.  Very nicely pointing gun.  $995. 

 Mason Decoys, Original, glass eyed, Blackduck, pair.  80% original paint, very good overall condition.  Photos available.  $650 for both. 


Remington 11-87 barrel, 28" vent rib rem-choke with four chokes.  $140. 

Remington 1100 LT-20 20ga 28" full choke plain NIB $85. 

Remington 1100-20 20ga. 28" Magnum VR NIB.  $95 

Remington 870 LWT 20ga 28" modified choke plain.  NIB  $69,  have three. 

Remington 1100 28ga 25" improved cylinder plain  NIB $95 

Remington 1100 LT {long tang} 20ga 28" full choke plain NIB  $75

Winchester model 140 16ga. 26" Imp.cyl. plain NIB  $94 

Winchester model 120  20ga. 3"  vent rib  win choke $95 

Smith & Wesson model 916 20" slug barrel with rifle sights.$89

Smith & Wesson 12ga 3" 28" vent rib mod. $75 

Smith & Wesson 12ga 3" 30" vent rib full choke.  $75. 

Winchester model 12 barrel. New condition 12ga. 28" modified choke with base piece.  {Some guys call it the "barrel set"}  Late 50's $195 

S&W model 916-T  12ga. 20" slug barrel with rifle type sights.  95%  $89

S&W  model 916-T  28" 12ga. vent rib modified choke.  98%  $80. 


Civil War U.S. Cavalry Sword. Ames mfg.  1865.  Complete with scabbard.  Very good condition.  $850.

Japanese Katana.  Imperial Japan, 1920's. 26 1/2" blade, 36" overall.  Good signature stamps on the tang.  NCO furniture.  Very good overall condition.  Very sharp temper line on edge. $750.


 1.  U.S. Trench Knife.  WW1.  Triangular blade, knuckle guard handle.  L.F. &C. mfg.  Very good condition dated 1917. Toe of sheath is missing.  $425. 

2.  World War Two Nazi Officers Saber.  Very good condition with original sheath.  $350.

3. Randall Hunting Knife.  4" drop point blade, walnut handle, rough back sheath.  1970's. Very good condition, blade never sharpened.  $750.






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